Your New & Improved Website

WebsiteIntro2Anderson, Indiana June 1, 2015 – Continental Pro Services (A Continental Inc. Division), which conducts hiring and staffing professional solutions announces the launch of its newly revamped website. This newly redesigned website offers quick and easy access to essential information and features that offers a more comprehensive understanding of the Company’s ability to get Job Seekers employed and Staff Seekers qualified talent. The website also has a comprehensive job board section with updated job postings daily as well as a dashboard metric showing positions that need to be filled by category.

The new website has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content focused on the Company’s mission to provide a simpler way to “Work Smart! The new website is now live and is located at this address:

“We are excited about our new website launch and the real-time information it provides job seekers and company’s looking for qualified talent. We believe this new site will provide users a very informative experience as we continue to grow, increase and expand our market presence,” said Jeff Rhodes, Vice President of Marketing.

“As a recent college graduate, I expressed the necessity to incorporate social media users and to create a website that will engage job seekers from all walks of life. From Millennials to Baby Boomers, we needed something that would speak to everyone and be clean, clear, concise, and easy to share.” said Ashley Marroquin, Marketing Associate. “I truly believe we have done that and SO much more!” Ashley added.