Myth Buster – The Real Deal With Staffing Jobs

Myth Busters – The Real Deal With Staffing Jobs

Many people have a certain image that comes to mind when they think of staffing agencies.  Most will picture, a quick fill organization that operates on temporary jobs;  with  jobs often seen as  unstable or lack luster. However, this is far from the truth.  Read on to see the most common Myths and the real Truths behind them. 

Myth– “There Are No Benefits Or Perks To Working Offered In A Temporary Or Contract Position.”
Truth-  Many staffing agencies offer great benefits even to temporary employees. Benefits can include everything from offering direct deposit and days off during holidays to 401K options. Even more so, some staffing agencies, like Continental Inc, offer great incentives like  employee referral programs, where you get paid for each person you refer.  *Continental Referral Program
Myth–  “The Jobs Offered Only Pay The Bare Minimum”
Truth- Actually, many of the contract opportunities offer well above minimum wage.  Most positions, pay at entry level wages, the same as if you were working full time. 
Myth–  “You Are Limited  In  How Long Your Employment Lasts, With Most Positions Only Operating A Few Weeks”
Truth- Yes, most contract positions do come with a specific assignment date. However, many companies who use temporary workers, will choose to hire individuals who excel in the position and last after a probationary period of usually 90 days or more.  Full time placement is absolutley feesible in a temporary role. The key is to show the employer your commitment and dedication to the company.