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Continental, Inc. is a leading provider of mission support solutions in strategic partnerships with large corporations and installations throughout the country. Through a national network of industry professionals, Continental, Inc. provides experienced resources, a thorough understanding of various critical agency missions from verifiable DoD-trained management, highly skilled disciplines, and an integrated approach to identify and attract qualified, experienced People to aid in accomplishing the missions of our customers.

Founded in 1985, Continental, Inc. has provided hundreds of clients with a staffing team that is responsive, flexible, and driven to increase client productivity.  As a growing and expanding small business, Continental, Inc. provides our clients with small business benefits with a large business feel. We understand what defines best value to our government customers: high quality, low risk and budgets that are fiscally favorable to the government. As a small business, Continental, Inc. provides the Government with lower cost options, high quality service, along with low risk experience.

DUNS:  15-065-8771
Federal TIN:  35-1712197
Certifications:  WBE, WBENC

We leverage our experience and understanding of the terrain to our advantage. Our strategies are sound and our tactics proven.

Our clients rely on our ability to quickly assess your hiring situation, ramp-up, implement and roll-out viable solutions that are earmarked for success.

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541214 – Payroll Services

541611 – Administrative Management

541612 – Human Resources Consulting

561110- Office Administrative Solutions

561311 – Employment Placement Agencies

561320 – Temporary Help Services

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  1. Research the market thoroughly. Check government and local authority websites, trade press and local and national newspapers to access information on recent public sector contracts.
  2. Be proactive. Call local authorities and government departments to ask about opportunities.
  3. Build a credible website. Many public sector buyers browse the web to find suppliers
  4. Go to industry events and talk to public sector buyers about their requirements.
  5. Ensure that your business is compliant. Public sector bodies require proof that your business has sound finances, experience in providing the services you’re offering and that it is compliant with regulations such as the requirement to have public liability insurance.
  6. Think in terms of e-commerce. If you can’t do business online, you will be increasingly excluded from public sector work.
  7. Call Continental Professional Services for the easiest way to find M/WBE partner to help you formulate and secure your bid.

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If you want to utilize our Government Services or find out more information on how we can obtain qualified candidates for your open positions, then simply CLICK HERE to get in touch with one of our experienced business developers!

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