Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment – Good 2 Great  EmpoweredEmployee

“Train your staff so they’re great enough to work anywhere, empower them so they never want to leave.”

Average employees show up on time, do the work and leave on time. Good employees get the work done and exceed expectations. Great employees contribute at the highest level of proficiency and seek performance.

Take a look around you, reflect on past experience, and wonder “what if?” Everyone has been positively influenced in some way by the people around them; parents, friends, relatives, coworkers. And everyone truly strives to do better provided the right circumstances.

We all want a better life, better health, great friends and a loving family, and to go from good to great we rely on our work to provide us the ability to grow opportunities. A positive staff member working in a positive environment with a true feeling of self-worth can be the most profitable asset to any company big or small.

So take a moment, observe and take stock of your work culture – are your employees empowered to go from good to great?